CartoPress 1.0.0 is officially released!

For the past several months, Aaron Baideme and I have been developing a plugin for WordPress that allows users to geocode their posts, pages and media and easily sync their data to CartoDB. We have finally released version 1.0 and CartoPress is now available in the WordPress Plugin Directory!

The key benefits of CartoPress are being able to add geodata to your posts and utilize the power of CartoDB to make awesome interactive maps of your posts. I’ll write a more comprehensive guide on getting started using the plugin soon, but here is the basic functionality:

  1. Download and activate CartoPress.
  2. Input your CartoDB Username, API Key, and create a dataset name in the plugin settings. CartoPress will automatically create the CartoDB dataset for you and you are pretty much ready to go.
  3. Decide which post types you would like to geocode, currently only Posts, Pages, and Media are available.
  4. Decide which WordPress elements you would like to sync to CartoDB. The post title, date, inputted location information, and permalink are automatically synced. Additionally, CartoPress can automatically create a summary description from either the post excerpt or the first 55 words of the post content, or you can input a custom summary. You can also decide to sync the entire post content, categories, tags, featured image, author, post format and custom fields.
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  6. Start using the CartoPress Geocoder to add location information to your posts and simply save the post. CartoPress will automatically sync the post’s data to CartoDB!
  7. Make a map simply by logging into your CartoDB account and using the visualization wizard to style the basemap, points, add an interactive infowindow, legend, title and other features. CartoDB also offers a built-in SQL editor so you can create custom views of data! Publish your map on your site easily using an iframe embed or use CartoDB.js and Leaflet to create a custom geoweb-application. When you add or edit your posts, the data will automatically update on all your published maps.

For more information on how CartoPress can be awesome, check out the web page here.

Aaron and I have plans for adding some additional features too. We hope to soon add localization/translation support, the ability to save frequently used location data, and some shortcodes for quickly making maps directly from the WordPress dashboard. If you are interested in helping out in the development process or have ideas on how CartoPress can be improved, we would love the help. You can find more information about contributing in the GitHub repo. Documentation is also available in the repo’s wiki, which contains more information about getting started, configuring the settings, using the Geocoder, and even a guide for setting up CartoPress on sites with a large amount of data.

Troy Andrew Hallisey

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