O1: ________ Stop


O1: ________ Stop (Food, Film, Bus, Train, Bike Stop) was a project that came out of the second Recycling City Design Intensive Workshop series hosted by Università Iuav di Venezia (IUAV) in Venice, Italy. The summer architectural and urban planning design series was a joint Erasmus/Atlantis exchange program between The New School, IUAV Venice, KU Leuven, and TU Eindhoven that focused all forms of ‘recycling’ and environmental reuse. Based on the notion that we recycle everything that has a ‘life cycle,’ including the urban fabric, the two-week program involved heavy field research at several abandoned areas in the Veneto region of Italy and design proposal for the re-activation of the spaces.

Specifically, this project was centered on the Porta Ovest train station in Oriago, Italy. The station was constructed with the intention of it becoming a tourism ‘gateway’ to Venice due to its proximity to a major highway junction and located on a mainline into Mestre. The original project was a flop and the over-built station is vacant most of the time, seeing little train service, and mostly disconnected from its village surroundings due to a lack of pedestrian access. Because of its intended use a commuting hub, the station has a vast parking lot that sits empty.

O1: ________ Stop aimed to re-activate the space as destination regional market by relocating and growing the existing Oriago weekly market from the village center to the station. The project calls for adding pop-up shops made out of converted shipping containers to allow vendors to sell surplus products that come through the nearby Port of Marghera. The proposal turns the station and market into both a multi-nodal transit hub and cultural venue by relocating several bus routes, adding bicycle and pedestrian access and using the station as a hop-on, hop-off venue.

See the full proposal below. Additional Team Members: Jonathan Lapalme, Sabrina Dorsainvil, Alex Stewart, Giulia Pauletti, and Andrea Davanzo






Troy Andrew Hallisey

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