Invisible Boundaries in Bed-Stuy


The intention of this research project was to study the impact of gentrification in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn by getting impressions of various residents using the need to do laundry as the defining constant, and to learn effective community engagement strategies. Additionally, this project was conducted as a part of a larger project for the Brooklyn Laundry Social Club, who looks to use the ‘laundromat’ as a venue for community engagement. Continue Reading

Alternative Solutions: Moving toward a people and place-based approach

As the socialist revolutions of the early twentieth century have taught us, any formal structure that is imposed upon society by over-bearing leaders is going to be doomed to fail, and any form of revolution, no matter the intention will… Continue Reading

Map of NYCHA Housing Developments


Here is an interactive map I made of all of the New York City Housing Authority developments with categorized by population. The total number of units and buildings can be found in the info box by clicking on a property.

B-Corps: The Commodification of Social Welfare

Among the many issues facing the nonprofit sector today, one of the biggest has to be the questioning of its very purpose. As people become more aware of the social issues plaguing society, some have found alternative models to the… Continue Reading

Organizations of Inclusion

Originally posted on Rethink the Block, September 8, 2013 When presented with the notion of a nonprofit organization, the first critique that often comes to mind stems from its unique character as a part of capitalist society. The very nature… Continue Reading